How are seniors handling homework?


As the third week of school comes to a close, the year is now in full swing and many are lamenting the end of the soft start the year began with as students and teachers alike took time to readjust to in person learning.

Now that the year is picking up, so are class loads that come with the inclusion of homework. WVHS prides itself on the wide selection of classes that the school offers; and with so many opportunities to take AP courses, it is no surprise to find students challenging themselves and taking multiple classes at high difficulty levels.

Nightly homework is a reality for many students; one that can sometimes feel overwhelming when piled on top of busy schedules packed with work and extracurriculars. And workloads for many seniors only seem to be growing as they begin the college application process.

Adjustment however, seems to be the norm for many these days, and seniors are adapting well to the additional work that comes with the completion of high school. “It’s definitely a bigger workload, but I feel like we can handle it.” Senior, Holly Huberd said. Huberd is taking two AP classes this year, and is also a member of the varsity cheerleading team.

Time management is a very valuable skill, and seniors are showing a great deal of perseverance as they successfully incorporate difficult personal essays, and tedious applicant forms into their already packed schedules. “We have a lot to focus on, but I think everyone is doing a good job of dealing with that stuff right now.” Huberd said.

As autumn of 2021 continues, so does the college application grind for many class of 2022 future graduates, and we continue moving closer to the relief of reaching the process’s finish line in November. As I sign off, I’d like to wish a word of encouragement to the senior class. We survived junior year and all of its infamous difficulties during a pandemic, and I am confident that our resilience will lead us through the inevitable highs and lows of senior year.