Students thoughts on recent posters around the school!

Recent Posters Around The School Have Been A Conversation Starter For Most Students!


One of the signs found in the girls bathroom!

Just last week, posters representing feminism and student voices were put up around the school. Although this student stays anonymous, sophmore Alina Jakobson shares her opinion on this sensitive subject.

While a lot of these signs around the school have been appropriate, others have not. Most consist of “you’re beautiful”, “I’m proud of you”, and ” you’re doing great.” Others are not as encouraging nor school appropriate.

Alina Jakobson, states “While I think some of the posters are great, I think it could have been handled in a better way”. She goes on to explain how talking to teachers or school leaders may have extended the duration of the posters being up in the school. No longer than 48 hours of the posters being up, they were taken down for being inappropriate. If the posters were to have been approved and hung up, they would have more of an impact rather than being a negative conversation for students.



Great message, poor delivery”

— Alina Jakobson

Alina’s thoughts of how to go about the situation next time could be talking to the Female Empowerment Club (find more information on the school website) and seeing what they think would be best, or even join the club! Another way you could help while still being school appropriate is talking to school counselors or other authorities to see in what ways would this situation be best to go about.

While I fully encourage the subject of feminism, I believe that is always a better way, and a way to improve. If you ever feel empowered or want to contribute to a great cause, definitely consider the Female Empowerment Club!!