All you need to know about MEChA


Miguel Tejeda

MEChA meeting held during lunch on September 30th.

MEChA, standing for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán, has been a club at Wilsonville High School for around 17 years as well as a club at other high schools for many years beforehand.

They do fundraising, volunteer work, celebrate their heritage, and are active members of our community. Miguel Tejeda is the current MEChA president and gave the scoop on what their club looks like and the kind of work they do for the community.

Anyone can join MEChA and is welcomed. The group meets every Thursday at lunch and as part of their fundraising sells Jarritos for $1.75 on Fridays during lunch. Their Jarrito sales are judged in a friendly competition between grades. 

Aside from fundraising, MEChA members volunteer and do loads of childcare work. Miguel specifically mentioned how they watch kids at parent-teacher nights, for families that can’t afford a babysitter.

The organization also volunteers and runs the Day of the Dead event at our high school as well as puts on a Cinco De Mayo celebration. 

Another senior and a newer member of MEChA, Amaya Marin Osorio, mentioned how they focus on what’s happening right now in Latinx culture. She mentioned how their next few meetings will be based around Day of the Dead and that she’s looking forward to it. Day of the Dead happening on November 1st will definitely be something to look forward to.

Right now for MEChA their elections are coming up. They’re deciding on a vice president and other authority members for this year. 

Tejeda stated MEChA’s main purpose is “building a strong community.” He also added that, “MEChA is the safest place for diversity.”

MEChA is the safest place for diversity.”

— Miguel Tejeda