Outdoor homecoming assembly!


2021-2022 Homecoming Assembly

On Oct 1, 2021 Wilsonville High school students had their first assembly since 2019.

All the students filled the bleachers by the football field, sorted by grade. Each wore their class colors for spirit week. The freshmen wore gray, sophomores in navy blue, juniors wore white, and black for seniors. Many of our seniors wore the black senior t-shirt that they recently got.  

The assembly started out by having the choir and band perform the national anthem and the Wilsonville High School fight song.

We also had the privilege of having performances from both the Wilsonville Pride Dance Team and the Wilsonville Cheer team.

One member of each of the grades played a game on the field game with a giant soccer ball.

The homecoming court was announced as well as the plans for the upcoming dance.

Senior Greta Reiter reported “it was fun to be able to do an assembly again.” She and her senior class haven’t attended an assembly since their sophomore year of high school. Amelia Postma also stated, “Even though it was cold outside, I’m glad we were able to have a homecoming assembly this year.”

All the students were able to be a part of an assembly and It was a good experience for everyone to gather together as a school.