Is social media good for teens’ mental health?


Social media is a very touchy subject for many. Should teens be allowed to have social media or not? How much does social media put a damper on mental health? Most students think that it is ok to engage in social media during and after school hours so that they can communicate with each other.

When asked, “What do you think is the most damaging social media app?”
Sophomore Siona Ruud responded saying, “I would say Instagram because I feel like seeing all of those posts, no matter your gender, you see those posts of the people you wished you looked like and that can really destroy your confidence.”

When asked, “If you’re comfortable saying, have you ever been cyberbullied?” She explained, “No, but I know people who have… there were people dming them, snapchatting them, and telling them really mean things.”

The final question was, “Do you think it’s easier for people to get away with because it’s online?”

Siona responded with, “I think it is because they can create anonymous accounts and that makes it hard to find out who it is.”

When Aida Simonton was asked she responded, “Well if I was talking to my parents I would say social media is a great way to connect with friends and foster good social relationships with everyone around you.’

Overall, social media has its pros and cons but teens seem to think that it is a good way to communicate and find a good, healthy, balance.