Rotary Club donates calculators to WVHS


Fiona Dunn

Joe from the Rotary Club of Wilsonville and Maria de Lourdes Horton of the Family Empowerment Center smile underneath their masks as they stand behind a table ladden with new calculators for the school.

Calculators were provided to Wilsonville High School by the Rotary Club of Wilsonville, on the first Monday of October just after school concluded. 

Pictured above is one of the calculators the Rotary Club of Wilsonville donated.

The Wilsonville Rotary Club is known for helping the community and has been doing so since its inception in 1975. Its most recent act of good was gifting 46 much-needed scientific calculators to WVHS, and club members delivered said calculators directly to the school building.

As the school grows, so does its need for supplies (such as calculators), and it is through the generosity of organizations like the Rotary Club that WVHS is able to have classroom materials made available to students.