Millburn’s haunted houses

Spooky Season Has Arrived!

Picture of a haunted house from,_Portland,_Oregon,_April_2012.JPG

It’s officially Fall and students are anxious to start their spooky season activities! Haunted houses are a must for this time of the year. One of the most popular spots is Milburn’s Haunted Manor, located in Marion County, Oregon. It is open from October 8th to November 1st.

As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by several classic horror costumes. There were about 4 different scary activities, ranging from least thrilling to most.  The first place I stopped at has you walk through an extremely creepy “vintage” home. You are faced with many challenges throughout. The course I went through is called the Manor: this consisted of being chased by a man with a chain saw, although he won’t actually hurt you, and seeing a little girl turn upside down on a bed. Like I said, very scary. The next part was being walked through a pitch-black hallway and seeing how long you could go before you turn back.

Sophomore Carly Crocker agrees, she believes it best to go best with friends and at night to make it more of an adrenaline rush!

You should definitely only go if you like to be scared! Happy Halloween Wildcats!


Never been, but really want to try some out this year!”

— Lily Houston