Boys soccer on the road to redemption


Photo by Greg Artman

Winding up to take the shot

To start off the season the Wilsonville boys soccer team played Bend High School at Randall Stadium.  

Since it was their first game it was a chance to see where the team is, and learn where they can go.  It is the game to shake out the nerves and work out the kinks.  

Goalkeeper Oscar Baron recalled, “I was pretty nervous because in the last two years we have gotten so close to getting a championship, and personally I want to live up to my friends’, teammates’, and coaches’ expectations.”  

As the team charged the field, the nerves melted away and they were ready to take on the Lava Bears.  This will be Baron’s third year on varsity; his freshman year he played on the Timbers Academy.  He has been playing goalie since he was 7 years old, “I remember we had an indoor game, and we were getting killed like 9-0.  The coach’s son was in the goal, and he was crying because he didn’t want to be keeper anymore.  The coach asked if anyone else could do it.  I said, ‘Just give me the gloves,’ and I’ve loved it ever since.”  

Naturally the younger kids look up to the upperclassmen because they have more experience.  Baron notes,”it’s nice to know that I can be their role model.”  

The competition was tough — the Lava Bears and the Wildcats battled through a scoreless first half.  Unfortunately, Bend scored in the 65th minute to take the lead.  

Baron commented that they were in a similar situation last year.  The goal of the Wildcats’ offense is to score first to set the tone of the game.  The first game of the season is always a learning experience.  They have now been in a game situation and they learned they have to work together if they want to be successful.  

As the goalie Oscar can see the whole field, “It’s my job to communicate with everyone because I can see things they can’t.”  Looking ahead Baron believes this team can make it to the playoffs, “I definitely think we can compete.”  Looking forward the Wildcats have 6 more away games and 6 home games.  They play every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00pm.