Homecoming dance review

The first high school dance we’ve had in over a year!


Cammy Gore

Sophomores at this years homecoming. Featuring Kate Gore, Olivia Lyons, Caroline Delamotte, Mason Seal, Ashlyn Hartford, Luke Larson, Campbell Lawler, Kellen Larson, and Cammy Gore.

After the letdown of not having our boys play North Salem the homecoming dance was something every Wilsonville student was looking forward to. 

Unlike past dances this year’s celebration was outside in a tent on the front softball field. A new DJ was hired and tickets were pre sold. Two lines piled up rather quickly around 8, the dance itself became more fun after more people arrived. The biggest issue with the dance this year was all the pushing and the fact the softball lights were on.   

On the dance floor it seemed that about every two minutes someone was toppling over after being shoved. This created a domino effect towards the front of the crowd. Because of this many students were unhappy with how the dance went while others had fun. Overall according to students the amount of fun one had depended on their mood beforehand and who they were there with. 

Freshmen and sophomores got to experience their first ever official high school dance. In the weeks previous they anxiously bought their dresses and perfected their homecoming looks. A sophomore, Cammy Gore, went with her friends. Her whole group had never been to a dance before and overall had a blast. In her words, “It was nice to be outside and we had a lot of fun, but check in was frustrating.” 

Upperclassmen agreed that in the past checking into a dance was not ever this difficult. Normally you show them your ASB and are good to go. 

From a seniors perspective, “This year’s hoco was, in less refined words, a Hail Mary of a Dance.” Senior Hannah Kelso felt this way because of how last minute the event was. Like Gore she mentioned the line being outrageously long as well. She also noticed how the freshman and sophomores seemed to turn the dance into a push fest. Her rating for this event would be, “…around a 6/10 for at least attempting some sort of high school normalcy.” 

Another strange part of this year’s hoco was the fact dates from other schools were not able to attend the dance itself. 

Another senior, Erin Mecham, summarized her homecoming experience. Her and her long term boyfriend Dakota from Oregon City went bowling and went out to dinner after taking homecoming pictures. She exclaimed, “It would have been a great experience if we were able to go to homecoming together, but we made the best of it — not being able to.”  This is a more positive  outlook of the dance and someone who’s just grateful there was any sort of event at all.

If as a community we stay safe, future dances will get better and better. One day we too will return to normalcy and we must take advantage of any opportunity we do have to be together. Many schools in other districts had no actual dance at all and to be fair the dance was less hot than usual being outside.