New position comes to Wilsonville High School


One of the changes this year at Wilsonville High School is we have a full-time social worker in the building. Erica Avgi is the social worker here, and her office is in the counseling office.  

A social worker’s main focus is to connect and support students and families. Some of the ways that social workers help families are with school issues, housing, or even alcohol and drug-related issues. When asking Erica Avgi about her job she said, “We give people the tools that they need to live their best lives.”

I asked Erica what a typical day looks like for her and her response was, “I feel like there isn’t a typical day just because we’re doing training, having students with a crisis.” There is a lot of variation to her job, including student and parent contacts.

This is Erica’s first year working in a school setting as a social worker. She is enjoying working in a school and finds the atmosphere inspiring. She believes that the students are our future and is honored to be a part of watching students grow into their best selves. 

Social workers have a lot of information at their fingertips. If you ever need any resources or someone to talk to, Erica is always willing to help.

“We give people the tools that they need to live their best lives.””

— Erica Avgi