Colleen Loonstyn


When walking into the counseling office at Wilsonville High School, the first person you see is the registrar, Colleen Loonstyn. The registrar is the person that takes care of student enrollment and withdrawals, collects grades, and generates report cards and transcripts.

When asking Colleen what a typical day looks like for her she shares, “I don’t really have a typical day. I work on whatever project is on my desk and help whoever walks in the door. So it looks similar but different every day.” It may sound like she doesn’t have a lot of work, but with 1,300 students she doesn’t have a lot of time to breathe. 

Students often think that her office is the main office. This leads to Colleen being asked a variety of questions. Some of the things she is asked about are; what the schedule is for the day, health room questions, and bus schedules. She hands masks out, directs kids to their classrooms, and helps students find their counselor based on their last name. 

She is especially busy right now.  “I have two times a year that are the busiest. I would say the first 6-8 weeks of the year and the last 3 weeks of the school year. The first part of the year the work is with the new students and students who have moved.” The end of the school year is busy for Colleen because it gets hectic with posting grades, getting transcripts for seniors, and report cards for all students.

If you need to request a transcript, change an address, find out about a school club, or need to talk to your counselor, go to the counseling office and talk to Colleen. She is happy to help.