Managing your way to success


Lorianne Servignat

Textbooks piled up. Home work is piling up and getting unmanageable.

As we enter the sixth week of school, the homework is starting to accumulate. This increases the need for time management skills, which many students struggle with.

Time management is a skill that will always be useful throughout your entire life. Being able to manage homework and balance a personal life is really important, but can be a little difficult.

First of all, prioritizing work that is due sooner is better to do as soon as possible. Doing things like cutting reading into chunks, and planning ahead to when you are going to do it is essential. Be sure to always stick to a schedule.

Making goals for work that are achievable, and realistic can really help too. Focus on things that will bring you the most return, like studying for a math test that is the next day rather than doing a reading for next week.

Another important thing to do is stay organized, make sure you know where your notes, pens and notes are. Make lists to plan for success, know what you have to do that day.

Shutting your phone off eliminates a lot of distractions. Distractions like your phone, tv, and videos throw off your homework game.

Lastly, don’t let homework take over your life, high school only happens once, enjoy it. If you follow some of these tips, homework won’t take over. Remember to take breaks, and always have fun.