Students’ class struggles

Students share their thoughts on the most difficult classes this year!


Since the recent adjustment from 3 to 6 classes, students have been attempting more challenging classes. Grades 9 through 12 share their thoughts on these classes.

Freshman Malia Kaleikilo states that Leadership has been both difficult and boring. Another Freshman Gianni Torrez said that his worst class is AP Human Geography. Other 9th graders are taking it easier this year and taking a break after a difficult last year of middle school.

Sophomores have been a lot more responsive than other grades. 41% of 10th graders say that APUSH being their most difficult. This class consists of up to 3 chapters of reading a day, then a test every Friday. 36% say that their math class is challenging for them. Whether it’s Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Calculus, or Pre-Calculus. The rest of the 23% has a variety of foreign languages, English, AP Physics, or Chemistry.

Juniors have been dealing with an abundance of stress due to it being their second to last year of their high school career. Most taking ap classes such as statistics, anatomy, and physiology. Another grinding class is Street Law with Mr. DG.

Finally, seniors mostly expressed how this year they have been struggling with English. Preparing for graduation can be difficult with all of the writing assignments. Senior Josh Ruud has been reading many books in English this year along with writing essays for his future colleges. This has been a constant debate between students and staff on how to balance school, work, and colleges.

Whether you are taking AP classes or easier classes, everyone has their troubles. If you every feel stuck in your workload or your feeling like you’re procrastinating, I suggest checking out the article below!