Wilsonville cruises past Putnam 3-1

The girls squad just keeps rolling.


GM Artman

Campbell Lawler battles to keep the ball for Wilsonville.

The Wilsonville girls soccer team has looked dominant thus far this year. Those dominant performances include a 6-0 thrashing of South Salem and a 5-0 demolition of Liberty, but none looked as good as the victory over Putnam.

Even though the scoreboard does not show the whole story, the girls team played a very good game against the Kingsmen. This included first half goals from Lindsey Antonson and Karina Borgen, then later a dagger in the second half from Kenley Whittaker. The Wildcat defense thoroughly stuffed any offense Putnam had coming into the game.

The only goal the Kingsmen managed came in the second half down 2-0, when an easy save for stud goalie Maddie Erickson went south very quickly. Due to the rain and wet conditions at Wilsonville High School as Erickson tried to catch the ball, it went right through her hands and into the back of the net. It seemed the Wilsonville girls had almost lost focus for a split second and realized it.

The time that Wilsonville kicked off to the time that Kenley Whittaker was celebrating her first goal and dagger to the heart of the Kingsmen was about 10 seconds. As a spectator watching the whole event unravel before me, I went from concerned and confused to very confident in this team. They showed that they can put the ball through the net with more efficiency then any other team in 5A.

It will be exciting to see what this team can do for the rest of the season and into the playoffs as the push for a state championship ring continues. The girls’ squad looks primed and ready for the playoff competition. The next game for Wilsonville is next Tuesday October 19th in Hillsboro.