Wilsonville High School club fair!

WVHS Club Fair

Wilsonville High school had its club fair on October 15th, 2021 during Academic Seminar.  Students were able to walk around and see what clubs are going on at school. Clubs handed out flyers, candy and showcased their clubs with poster boards and many other unique items.

Junior Eli Sievers joined four clubs, stating “I joined these clubs because I want to make a difference and I think that these clubs can help me do that.”

Many clubs can be helpful in reaching out and making a difference here in our school setting and community setting. Some of these clubs include the Environmental Action club, leaders of Wilsonville and Wilsonville community outreach club.

The turnout was great: the vocabulary club had over 90 students sign up and many other clubs were just as successful.

The students here at Wilsonville High School are getting involved. These clubs can help students in future careers, to make new friends or just to have fun doing your hobbies with other people.