Favorite classes so far


Alina Jakobson

Mr. Fitzgerald at the club fair and English teacher Mr. Hummelt in class!

So far this year, students have seemed to be enjoying their classes. Let’s look at some of the favorites! 

For this being the freshmen’s first year of high school, classes are new and a bit different compared to middle school. After making a poll on Instagram, the main responses for favorite class were Acting, their foreign language, and Sculpture class. Acting class was noted as “a fun class that we get to play games with friends in,” by freshman Malia Kaleikilo. 

Although this is the sophomores’ 2nd year of high school, this is one of their first full and somewhat “normal” years that they’ve had so far. The overall majority of sophomores have expressed that they love English classes this year. One teacher that has been brought up quite a bit is Mr. Hummelt. Students love his, “personable, congratulative, and quirky teaching style,” (anonymous student).

Many sophomores, juniors, and seniors also expressed interest and love for WBN’s very own Mr. Fitzgerald. Lorianne Servignat said, “Mr. Fitzgerald is just a really fun outgoing person; he is always so positive. He is a really great role model and is such a great not only teacher but friend. I like him because he inspires you to always be your best, and he is just a really great person.”

Juniors and seniors have explained that their favorite classes have been Marine Bio, Life Sports, Acting, Art, English, and Spanish with Mrs. Zolotoff. Mrs. Zolotoff is a popular name amongst students at WVHS. In several conversations, students mention that she is a great teacher and makes learning Spanish fun.

Looks like some great classes are offered this year! Keep an eye out on what sounds fun while forecasting for next year!