First choir concert of the year!

The Symphonic Choir preforming Ka Hia Manu.

The choir has been preparing for their rapidly approaching choir concert. They have spent much time rehearsing and memorizing. There are three main choirs here at Wilsonville high school: there is Soul’d Out, the audition acapella group, concert choir which is typically the freshman choir, and symphonic choir, which is the main audition choir.

Soul’d Out performed first for the audience, and during their performance there were a few solos as each member sang their specified part. One of the songs that the Soul’d Out sang was Remember Me from Disney’s animated film Coco.

Concert choir performed next, and although small they performed wonderfully.

Then the symphonic choir was the last to perform. One of the main songs they sang was Ka Hia Manu adapted and arranged by Stephen Hatfield. This song is unique because it features Polynesian melodies and chants. The choir also used bamboo poles to beat on the ground while they sang.

For the small amount of time preparing  challenging songs, all of the Wilsonville choirs did great, and many audience members came to show support for our music program. 

The choir will continue preparing for their next concert in the winter.