An extensive amount of work is stressing students


Lorianne Servignat

Sophomore Maddie Holly trying to fit in some last-minute studying before a quiz. She had a lot to study for with her chapter ID’s also due.


Students at Wilsonville are starting to feel overwhelmed with the number of tests, essays, and assignments due all on the same day. Though students realize that this is not the staff’s fault, students are always scrambling to finish everything in time.

With sports, friends, and sleep, it is difficult to complete five different assignments that are due within three days of each other. Students feel pressured to study, instead of going to the game or concert, which can be sad to miss out on something so fun.

Not even just missing out on games, students are also missing out on much-needed sleep. “I stayed up until two last night finishing homework and studying,” said sophomore Colby Turco.

Some students do decide to prioritize fun, which is good, but then they cannot study for everything and sometimes end up failing a test the next day. It is hard for students to manage their sizeable amount of homework and social life.

Some students are considering quitting their extracurricular activities because of their homework situation. One JV soccer player Meredith Krecklow says, “I don’t think I can play soccer anymore because it stresses me out about my homework.” 

After talking to more than 15 students, more than half of them had 2 or more tests or quizzes on the same day. This makes the day not only long, but draining, by the end of the day students can’t think or function very well because they are so tired. 

Although this is not the teacher’s fault, students are feeling very overwhelmed by their work, lack of sleep, and social life. Students need help managing the stress and workload.

I don’t think I can play soccer anymore because it stresses me out about my homework.”

— Meredith Krecklow