The 2021 WVHS club fair turnout!


Elizabeth Harris

The Female Empowerment Club booth at the club fair! Clubs each had their own booth where they showcased their information and a description of what they do.

About 2 weeks ago Wilsonville had the first club fair of the year! By now, some students have been able to attend meetings already! 

The Black Student Union Club has gotten many sign-ups this year according to Kiera Easterly. Kiera is one of the founders of BSU. She said, “We got like 10 signups, and for anyone who still wants to join our first meeting is next Thursday, November 4th in the forum.” Make sure to attend!

Sophomore Shelby Widman did not partake in any creation of clubs, but she did sign up and attend two meetings. She signed up for the Female Empowerment Club and she thought, “The Female Empowerment Club was definitely not what I expected. It was not oriented on women’s rights struggles, but more about wanting to give girls prom dresses.” 

The club fair generated a lot of school spirit, and feel free to ask around on how to still join any of the clubs. It’s never too late!