Semester electives can add balance to a student’s schedule


Visit the Curriculum Guide on the school website to see all the elective options. There is a wide range of classes available, and a description of each one!

With a schedule filled with year round, required classes, the school year can start to feel monotonous. Having semester-long classes is a way for students to break up their heavy schedules and try out some new subjects or hobbies.

Our school offers a wide range of elective classes, and it is almost a guarantee that someone can find at least one they are interested in. There are science classes like Forensics and Marine Biology, art classes such as Sculpture and Jewelry, and many things in between, including a variety of creative, STEM, and PE classes.

Having these specific elective classes provides students with the opportunity to learn more about a subject that interests them, and even have that count towards a graduation credit. 

Junior Hannah Aldrich said that she thinks semester-long electives are great for “introducing you to subjects that you might want to dive into deeper later in the future.”

Electives are ways for students to take a break from classes they might not like as much, and go to a class that is geared towards a specific interest of theirs. Whether it’s Culinary Arts, Music History, or Outdoor Education, all students are encouraged to pick out and forecast for electives that they find interesting.