Due date downsides

Sophomore opinions on due dates


A student’s active assignment due dates in Google Classroom. Many students have a similar assignment schedule, and some have more.

As a result of the recent changes in the grading system, due dates have been extended and have been affecting students’ motivation. After being asked how due dates were affecting their success, this was their response.

Alina Jakobson, sophomore, believes including students in decisions regarding when things are due helps them feel like their voices are heard. “It is nice to have balance, but students’ opinions shouldn’t be held against them.” Allowing students to play a part in decision-making can make them feel included and more connected to the school.

Ezra Oesterreich, a sophomore at WVHS has an opposing opinion towards Alina. He believes the structure is key, and giving a due date gives restrictions and force students to turn in assignments on time. In his case, being given a strict due date lets him know what days he needs to complete each step of his assignment. This results in him turning in his assignments on time and causing his personal success to increase.

Overall, students should have their voices be safely expressed and represented.