Student screen time


Student hours for social media vs. homework. Most students from the study spend more time on their phones than they did on their homework.

Teenagers and tweens in 2021 tend to prioritize social life over school life. Studies by Siona Ruud show that out of a group of 15 students at Wilsonville High School, they average about 5 hours a day on their phones, not including school. Although, 10 students average 2.5 hours a day on school work. This may not always mean the students are prioritizing one over the other, but in some cases, social media is put on the pedestal.

In an interview with Alina Jakobson, a sophomore at WVHS, she expresses her opinion. She believes that most kids prioritize their phones. This can be a problem and can cause procrastination along with the mental health issues that go along with social media. “When spending more time on social media rather than with family or friends can create an idea of yourself that was not there before.”   Schoolwork can also sometimes be dealt with over your phone, whether you’re answering emails, turning in that last-minute assignment, or even just using it for research. Phones are inevitably always going to be a part of our lives, but what we choose to use them for is up to you!

While a healthy amount of social media is great, during the holidays we should spend time with family and friends, and have quality time with the ones we love most!