Sportsmanship in student sections

Show your school spirit in the student sections!


Greg Artman

Student section supporting Girls Volleyball during their home game V.S La Salle

Student sections are always counted on to bring an energetic and spirited atmosphere to games. While being in the student section is fun, we need to keep it respectful. 

At Wilsonville High School, respect needs to be shown for the effort of both teams playing in a game and students shall not do anything to interfere with the game being played. 

Some general rules to follow are that cheers need to be in support of one’s team, refrain from any derogatory cheers or language. Also, be respectful of officials, bad calls are going to be made, officials already have to deal with the chirping of coaches and spectators. Lastly, cheer! The athletes play better when they know they have a crowd supporting them! Show your school spirit by learning the cheers, dressing up for the themes, and supporting our Wildcats no matter what. 

Let’s keep our student sections energetic, fun, and respectful so we can continue cheering on our Wildcats!