The end of quarter one is approaching!


Elizabeth Harris

Classes are working hard at the end of the quarter. Some teachers are cutting off due dates and revision deadlines, so students must make sure they have everything complete.

Being back to school full time in the building is something that most students are enjoying, despite the workload and stress of classes.  The first quarter ends Friday, November 5. With only three months of being in the building and only three classes a quarter the last school year, this year the schedule is back to normal.

Freshman Kate Thomas is feeling confident about her first quarter.  She said, “all of my teachers haven’t been assigning much [work] outside of class so the assignments I am working on, I can ask questions [to teachers] and work with peers.”

Sophomore Caleb Green is a little tired but is glad to be back at school and having all six classes. Caleb said that “all make-up tests and assignments in this quarter are cut off in my math class, APUSH, and chemistry class”. This adds a little stress to make sure that he is caught up in his classes.

The end of quarter one has brought pressure more to upperclassmen than lowerclassmen. Junior Emily Barry said “I am honestly not ready for the quarter to end because my workload is super heavy this year and it is easy to get behind with all 6 classes.”  

Senior Lauren Bresnahan shared, “I’m stressed out and have a lot to do with college applications and missing work.” Seniors not only have their classwork to think about, but also early action college applications are due November 1st, 2021. 

Students are enjoying finally being back in the building, and being able to participate in after school activities such as the school musical, sports and clubs. Lauren shared, “This quarter has been the most fun I’ve ever had in school, with everyone in person.” It is easier for students to be able to interact with one another and be able to speak to their teachers in person.