Students’ holiday spirit


Alina Jakobson

Spending Holidays with friends is a great way to interact. Ezra Oesterrech, Siona Ruud, Kiera Easterly (left to right)

As the holiday season approaches, the Christmas spirit is brought along as well. Students debate when to start listening to Christmas music. Some believe never, and others believe just days before Christmas is the only right answer.

4 individuals believe Christmas music is a year-long activity. Shelby Widman, a Wilsonville sophomore, states “I want the joy that partakes in Christmas music all year.” The Christmas lights, and Christmas flights joy can be encountered through music. Nostalgia is key in Kiera Esterly’s fulfillment of the holiday season, it reminds her of the smell of fresh cookies, and putting up the Christmas tree.

Countering this, Ezra Oesterreich believes Christmas music is only something to be celebrated near the end of the countdown til Christmas. “Why listen to the same music for a whole month when you can get gratitude throughout a week?” he questions.

Hearing the same song on repeat may get annoying for some, while for others it’s a supplier of happiness.











I enjoy emo Christmas music, it soothes my soul.”

— Shelby Widman