AP Computer Science Principles


Regan Loonstyn

Mr. Eckstein’s computer science class. Each students gets to learn on their own computer from the computer lab.

“[It] opened my eyes to the world of technology at a basic level.” ”

— Elizabeth Harris

Wilsonville High School offers two AP Computer Science classes. Some of the things that the class learns about are algorithms, creative aspects of programming, and computing impacts. They are also learning about different coding languages, one being python.

Senior Elizabeth Harris shares that this class has “opened [her] eyes to the world of technology at a basic level.” The class has mostly learned about coding and problem-solving. Some of the favorite activities in the class are coding games on micro bits. 

Most people don’t expect a computer science class to be fun, but freshman Jake Dougall shares, “At first I didn’t even want to take it because it was computer-based, but I’m an overachiever and wanted to take another AP class. It’s pretty fun.”

Taking a computer science class is beneficial. Elizabeth says, “I think that whatever career I end up going into will need a sense of computer understanding with the technological advancements that are ever-increasing.” Jake also shares, “I think it could really help me if I become a programmer. I think again the problem solving will be helpful in all different jobs.”