Gift ideas for students this year!

Gifts that help with productivity and at necessities! These presents can be the gift that keeps on giving for every student!


Siona Ruud

All of the colors in this picture represent the featured pen. This can be used for color as well as writing!

Discovering presents for friends, family, and loved ones can be very difficult depending on the person. It is important to find something that will last years to come, and that will be put to use as much as possible. For people in education, supplies can be expensive but it could be helpful to be able to provide them with.

I know for my friends and me, we all enjoy writing in journals. Every day I write in my math notebook what I need to do that day, and every Friday I include a plan for the upcoming week. If you are aware that the person you are shopping for may enjoy doing this as well; this may be a good gift idea.

While researching for journals that would both assist with productivity, and look pleasing to the eye – I ran into the Weekly Reset Planner by Lavendaire. This is great for getting things done and easily. All you have to do is fill out the important tasks for the week, and your schedule. Along with it behind cute and organized!

Pens are always a great thing to have. Lindsay Zolotoff and Shelby Widman both have been loving a specific pen that you can find at your local store. The Erasable Frixion Ball Clicker in 07  is able to have the best turnout in handwriting and is erasable. This makes it difficult to make mistakes, but if you do, no worries! It comes in many different colors and lasts for months!

Although these two weeks are a break for students, these presents can be a significant help to try and bring students back for the return on January 7th, 2022!