New sophomore photography talent at WVHS


Siona Ruud

Photograph taken by sophomore Siona Ruud of some new flowers planted in a garden near her house.

There is a lot of new up-and-coming sophomore photography talent here at Wilsonville High School this year.  This is sophomores’ first official year at the high school and they are taking advantage of it. Meredith Krecklow, Talia Valdez, and Siona Ruud have thoroughly enjoyed photographing several events this year. 

Student photographers have photographed several sporting events. Meredith Krecklow says, I love attending events and games to support the players and students, and getting to share my photos with others.” She is not currently in any Photography classes offered here at Wilsonville, but last year she took Photography 1. 

Siona Ruud took Photography 1 this year and she prefers “portrait photography and nature.” Later in the year, Siona plans on taking photos for Wilsonville Broadcast Network’s future events. 

Talia enjoys taking photos at many sports games and is a participant in the WBN. Talia is currently taking Photography 1 and her favorite thing about being a WVHS photographer has been, “exploring other types of photography other than what we are doing in class and seeing more action with events that I can relate to and also cheer for to support our school and the WBN.” Talia has attended a couple of events so far and plans to do many more.

Be on the lookout for more fantastic photos from these ladies on WBN!