In State

Emma Dougherty, Producer of The 97070 Show

Many senior students make the hard decision in their year to decide if they should leave the state or stay in-state. Students tend to choose in-state for one of the biggest reasons. Cost. College is extremely expensive, and going out-of-state isn’t going to save them any money. 

Another reason that in-state may be a better option for kids is that they are closer to home. Oregon State University is about an hour drive away from Wilsonville. So if you want to come home on the weekends, visit family, or do some laundry, you have that option. 

Transportation won’t cost you anything whereas out-of-state you would most likely have to fly home. When you are in-state you can just drive your car back and forth.

Some kids enjoy staying in Oregon for its beauty. Lots of people love how there is no sales tax, the beautiful trees and weather, as well as the mountains and waterfalls. 

 A senior, Kari Vike, says her opinion on going to college in-state “I chose University of Oregon because I didn’t want to have to take a plane to come home. I want to be close enough to my family for emergencies, but still have some space. U of O was also the cheapest option for me and made more sense financially. My entire family has gone to U of O and with it being only 2 hours away, I have been able to visit it lots.”

In-state is the best option to choose for students financially, and the closest to home. If you are looking for some better weather and a change of scenery, it may be a good consideration.