Early release; extra resources


file photo by Magda Ehlers

School's Out!

Aly Johnston, Writer

This past Wednesday was an early release day at Wilsonville High School, and students were dismissed two hours early. With these two extra hours, students can get a jumpstart on homework, go have lunch with friends, or catch up on some sleep. But before they headed home Wednesday, students had class-specific assemblies filled with information about their upcoming school year.

This most recent early release included four concurrent assemblies in between first and second period. The freshman assembly was in the cafeteria, the sophomores were in the auditorium, the juniors in the main gym, and the seniors in the auxiliary gym. Each assembly had a different message for each class.

The freshman assembly was focused mainly on bringing attention to extracurriculars around school. Teachers and students focused on clubs, events, arts and sports, and how students should join clubs and meet new people. Maura Schramm, a freshman, commented about the assembly, “I enjoyed getting to see everyone in my class that I don’t normally get to see otherwise in classes and such.”

Sophomores had an assembly that was largely focused on the PSAT’s. Mrs. Leatherman spoke to the class of 2020 about the upcoming standardized test in October and how they should prepare. Student council was also a major focus; the six members spoke about the homecoming float and community service, and they hoped to recruit some new council members. Sydney Byun and Owen Gail, both members of student council, thought the assembly went well. “Our main goal was to recruit people to student council, and I think we left an impression on those who listened to our message,” Gail says. Byun believes that “It was a good way to get students involved in school activities.”

The class of 2019 gathering was centered on student council and the second round of PSAT’s as well, but speakers also made a point to talk about class jewelry. Since the juniors will be graduating next year, class jewelry will be available to buy in commemoration of their graduation. Junior Elle Berry, however, felt that “The assembly really wasn’t necessary for some people, and most of the announcements could have been given in different ways. I would’ve liked collaborative time much more.”

As for the senior assembly, they focused on the importance of graduation, the seniors talked about graduation ceremony necessities, like caps, gowns, and diplomas. Lauren Dahlberg, a senior, says “They encouraged us to think about college and plan everything out early, because this is one of the most important years of our lives.” The seniors hope to finish the year out strong and make their last year their best. The assembly was a wakeup call so to speak and helped the seniors realize how quickly their final year at Wilsonville is flying by.

The assemblies delivered information to students in a direct and personal way, with information that pertained to each class. Students were provided with optional pamphlets and flyers about the information given at the assemblies. The assemblies provided students with helpful and necessary information, and replaced the usual collaborative time. If you still prefer collaborative, don’t worry! Next early release, collaborative time will be included in the schedule.