Wilsonville swim team surges into season!


Wilsonville Swim Team

Wilsonville 2020-2021 girls after going 7-0 in their district. The girls then proceeded to win the district championship later that week on February 14-15th.

Swim season is on for the wildcats! The team meeting up for practices late in the night at the Tualatin High School pool three days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They are training hard, continuously prepping for the next meet, with the season going to go on for another two months.

The Wilsonville swim program this year has shown some promising wins, with the boys dominating Rex Putnam with a win of 179-100 and beating Scappoose 172-161. On the girls’ end, they tied with Scappoose 84-84 and beat Rex Putnam 90-52. 

Swim meets are scored similarly to track meets in the team scoring method. Individual performances as well as relay teams have scoring methods that add points to the team score, and the highest score wins. Individuals finishing 1st place to 5th place add points to their score, adding points to their teams score. 1st place adds 5 points to their team score, going down by 1 for each placement, ending with 5th place adding 1 point to their team score. Relays score the top four placing teams, adding 10-6-4-2 points for the 1st-2nd-3rd-4th placing teams. 

The Wildcats are facing a determined opponent at home! Home means that it will be at Tualatin High School, taking place on Friday. The exact time has not been announced yet, so go and ask your swim team friends about when the event starts and how you can spectate it! 

We are also very excited for them to get more than dual meets this season and watch the team compete with other schools in the state they have been waiting for a chance to take on since the pandemic.