Wilsonville high school students experience getting old on Halloween


Halloween spooky spirit spreads in Villebois!

Considering Halloween didn’t even happen last year, this year’s Halloween was different for a lot of kids this time around. Especially in the demographic of our current sophomores and juniors, most of whom didn’t go and trick or treat this year, having their eighth and ninth grade years be their last trick or treat run of their school years. 

It wasn’t a crazy shock, but that’s what was weird about it is that me and my friends really grew out of it. It was on my mind Halloween night that I was doing homework rather than enjoying myself, but It didn’t really bother me.”

— Anthony Herrera-Alonzo

Students take this in several different ways. It’s a thoughtful topic that doesn’t really have any answer to whether or not you have positive or negative feelings about not trick or treating anymore, but it’s a thought that has a lot of reminiscence to it. There definitely are opportunities for students to still have fun, which is why it doesn’t always hit everyone that they’ve hit a milestone in terms of growing up and rather it just passes by as it did for most Wilsonville students.

We hope that all students have a good Halloween and enjoy themselves if they have the time, compete and practice well if they’re getting their physical grind in, and for those high achieving students to persevere and keep putting in the work that will get them the bright future that they desire.