Gearing up for finals


Lorianne Servignat

Sophomore Maddie Holly studying for her APUSH final. She is ready to go into finals.

Finals are just around the corner for the students at Wilsonville High School. Many long nights of studying, baggy eyes, and cramming as much stuff into your brain as possible are all things that make up finals week. Many students start to feel overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to put in for the grade they need.

As students get prepared, both the sophomores and freshmen are getting ready to take on their first finals. Finals are taking place from February 1st to the 3rd, where the school days will be a half-day schedule. 

Freshmen are nervously awaiting their finals, as they don’t quite know what to expect. Freshman Gabby Maoz says, “I’m nervous because my Spanish final is going to be so hard.” She is not at all excited about her first final and has already begun the tedious process of studying.

Sophomores are also going to be facing their first finals, and are anxiously awaiting them. Sophomore Kate Gore explains, “I’m not excited, it’s the first time I’m gonna be doing it. So to be honest I’m really nervous.” She then says that she predicts a lot of late-night cramming and a lot of studying. 

Finals week is a stressful time for many students, but many are going into it prepared. Finals week is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, and students at Wilsonville are not excited.

I’m glad to go into finals with more experience ”

— Sophomore Kate Gore