New year’s trends arising at WVHS

What WVHS students are sporting in the halls for 2022!


Sydnie Bierma

Junior Emma Alewine sporting her new North Face puffer she got for Christmas. She got it in a fun navy blue color.

With Christmas now passed Wilsonville High School students have been strutting through the halls sporting their new gear. A new year brings new trends and hot commodity items. Students returned this Tuesday with entirely new outfits, fully decked out from head to toe.

Shoes prove to be a main component of outfits today. For many, shoes can make or break an outfit. We saw the introduction of platform converse last year and with the new year they continue to maintain their status. Platform converse of all different colors continue to blaze the halls. 

Another old classic beginning to shine through are Uggs. Not everyone is hopping on the trend, but many definitely asked for a pair of slippers for Christmas and are beginning to sport them at school. Many are also grabbing their old Uggs from 7th grade out of retirement to embrace the trend. I’m not sure if this is a trend that will last through all of 2022, but Uggs are definitely regaining their popularity. Another shoe reentering the limelight has been New Balances. These shoes definitely only have a certain niche of people that like them, but they were also a popular Christmas gift. They’re s shoe that all genders can appreciate. 

An additional staple piece of one’s wardrobe is a jacket. Leather jackets began to re-enter into the fashion world in 2021 and are continuing to be a staple for many in 2022 thus far. Students can buy them anywhere from high end stores to fast fashion websites–or even check out the local thrift for a good leather coat. 

Another super popular type of jacket recently has been puffer coats. There’s been a huge movement for cropped colorful puffer coats along with longer ones. North Face and Aritzia are just two of the high demand brands. Another trend brushing the surface are “shackets”. They’re essentially button downs that can be worn over tank tops and t-shirts. They definitely can add a lot to an outfit.

Continuing with the leather theme are leather pants in all different kinds of colors. They can be bought for anywhere between $8 and $100. The past few years wide leg pants have continued to maintain popularity and I predict this will stay true this year as well. Corduroy pants are also a trend that’s remained steady over the past few years and more and more guys are beginning to sport these pants in 2022!

Finally, hats are continuing to maintain popularity. Guys and girls are wearing beanies with small designs and in a variety of different colors. With the guys it seems that the small beanie has become a staple. Flat bill hats are also becoming popular for the spring season. Many people are thrifting them and buying them off of Poshmark.

I predict many more trends will begin to show as 2022 goes on and shoes will continue to be the center of many people’s outfits.