Wilsonville High School students on their New Year’s resolutions for 2022


Connor Larsen

Jasmine Brown starting on her New Years resolutions for 2022. She is staying ahead of the game by being hyperaware on how she can keep improving herself.

It’s no secret that high school is a place where most students will want to step up everything they do to their A-game, leading a lot of people to set goals for the 2022 year. High schoolers are obviously not perfect, leading them to have the desire to set self improvement based goals. 

Upon interviewing students in the halls, as well as asking the question to students that we could contact, we ended up finding that an overwhelming amount of students didn’t set any kind of New Year’s resolution in 2022. Roughly ⅕ of the students we interviewed set a resolution.  On top of that only a half of the students we interviewed didn’t write down their goals for the new year. 

These results could be a shock to some and make sense for others, considering there is a wide variety of motivation levels and desires at what people want to learn how to do or want to become. It also makes perfect sense for people to already have an idea of what aspects they want to improve their life in, it’s just more free flowing due to the nature of high schoolers learning more about themselves by each passing day, week or month rather than a full year. 

We wish everyone a happy new year and are extremely proud of the wildcats who managed to get into their dream colleges already! We are hopeful we can keep you all in person for the rest of your senior year.