The ins and outs of WVHS’ sculpture class!


Shelby Widman’s personal and in class work with mediums as such as crochet, crafting tape, wool, and pencil.

Sculpture class seems to be a favorite amongst students at Wilsonville High School. Students enjoy getting their hands dirty in this 3-dimensional art form. Ms. Escobar’s sculpture students are featured throughout the school, so be sure to be on the lookout for any new pieces that may come soon!

Alebrije. Colorful hand carved wooden fancy sculpture (lizard) called alebrije. Alebrijes are famous oaxacan traditional folk art royalty free stock photography

Recently, the sculpture classes made alebrijes. Alebrijes are “Mexican folk art sculptures” that are commonly brightly colored mythical creatures. Sophomore Shelby Widman says, “a lot of these sculptures will be showcased around the school soon!” The location is not known yet but if curious, feel free to ask Ms. Escobar. 

Sculpture students have a plentiful of opportunities to showcase their work. One includes the Scholastic Art Fair, occurring this month, in which students can earn rewards and potentially scholarships for their hard work. Shelby also mentions, “Ms. Escobar usually gives us opportunities for these kinds of things to help people who don’t know where to go.”

Shelby Widman’s favorite part of sculpture class is, “Creating things and working with my hands, which allows me to feel really connected to the art material.” When asked if she would recommend this class she said, “100% yes!”

Creating things and working with my hands, which allows me to feel really connected to the art material.”

— Shelby Widman

Sculpture class at Wilsonville high school is a great way to get creative and have opportunities to showcase your art to the rest of the school. Make sure to keep this class in mind when forecasting for next year begins!