Should vending machines be closed during the day?


Regan Loonstyn

The vending machine in the pointe. It, along with the other ones, is open during lunch as well as before and after school.

This year, the vending machines have been closed during class hours, whereas in the past they have been unlocked all day. There are five vending machines at the high school. There are four in the commons and one in the point. The vending machines have a wide variety of snacks and drinks.

There are two reasons why the vending machines are locked during class hours. Mrs. Schmidt says one reason is that lots of people would go to the vending machines as an excuse to get out of class. Two, lots of people were eating while in class, and due to COVID-19 safety reasons, it is not something that should be done since it requires the removal of masks. 

One of the benefits of having the vending machines open throughout the day is for people who haven’t had the chance to eat breakfast or lunch. Sometimes students are in a hurry in the morning and aren’t able to get food until they are at school. 

Senior Neina Santer shares that she believes the vending machines should be open all day because “some people don’t have breakfast and you need food to have energy for classes especially when they’re really tired. You should always have an energy booster.”