Fast fashion feelings

Students share their thoughts on fast fashion; cheap clothing that sell clothes based of micro-trends.


Siona Ruud

9th grader, Grace Tuecke gave their perspective on fast fashion.

Fast Fashion and micro trends had been the talk of 2021. With online stores such as Shein, Zaful, and more, rates for online shopping were at an all-time high, along with trends. With new outfit standards every other week, kids felt the pressure to keep up, while still not spending too much.

As the trends change, clothing from past trends is often put to the side or thrown away. As you may be aware, this is not the best for the planet, and as the word is spread, opinions are formed.

Along with being unsustainable, rumors spread of child labor in the fast fashion industry.

When students are asked, “what are your thoughts on fast fashion?” the response stays consistent with bringing up the inhuman and unlawful child labor in the workplace.

Lorianne Servignat, a fellow broadcaster and 10th grader, said “the idea of creating clothes for every trend is pure, but the delivery is unsuccessful.” Lorianne concludes by stating that the negative outways the positive.

Another sophomore, Grace Tuecke said that they were unaware at first of the side effects, but once aware she changed her point of view. But beforehand, she looked at it in a great way! “I think it’s great and has clothing options for every style.”

This is a great way to look at fast fashion in a positive light. It is a cheap option for unpopular clothing designs.

Earth over trends.”

— Grace Tuecke

If you want to pursue the idea of sustainability, you may want to consider investing in timeless clothing, clothes that will never go out of style so you will never have to throw away another outfit!