Day one


Elia Bartlett

Students gather in Ms. Feuerstein’s classroom. They are working with Link Crew Leaders to study for their Biology finals.

Elia Bartlett, Managing Editor

On the first day, the event was only open to freshmen in order to give them time to prepare by themselves. They gathered in the library after school, unsure of where to go. The Link Crew Leaders, along with Ms Feurstein, explained the setup of the event, and sent the students to their desired classrooms.There were five rooms, each dedicated to a subject: English, Math, Biology, History, and Languages. 

Link Crew Leaders in each room offered help to the other students, as well as showed them their own study strategies for preparing for a final. Several students expressed that they enjoyed the time to sit and get some of their work completed.

Sophomores expressed that they would have liked to attend, as well as some juniors, and Ms. Feurstein disclosed that at the next Link Crew meeting where they would be preparing for the second day of studying, they would work out how to accommodate all grade levels. Stay tuned on the Link Crew Instagram page for updates on the second day of Study and Snack!