Day two

Elia Bartlett, Managing Editor

The second day was open to both freshmen and sophomores, as the 10th graders had made it known that they too wanted a way to prepare for their finals this year. Last year, the class of 2024 did not get the “normal” freshman experience, so Link Crew decided to include them in this event. Organized study sessions are always popular with students because they allow them to collaborate with each other and students who have taken the class. 

Link Crew worked to spread the word about the second day, and it worked. Their posters, flyers, and messages in the newsletter drew in a much larger crowd than the first study session. Link Crew leader Macy Moore said that there were “a lot of students in math and biology.” These subjects are common sources of stress for students come finals week, since they have a lot of material to cover and can be difficult.

The students used the time after school in a variety of ways: some worked in silence on various assignments, some went over study guides for their tests, and some talked with the Link Crew leaders to learn more about how finals go for their class. Knowing how the test works can help relieve stress for many people.

Overall, Study and Snack was a success, and provided many students with the opportunity to prepare for the end of the semester. Stay on the lookout for Link Crew’s future projects!