Dawn FM Album Review

New from the Weeknd!


Sydnie Bierma

A student listening to the Weeknd’s new album. “Less Than Zero” was rated the best from the album by Cole.

The Weeknd is a Canadian born singer and songwriter. The Weeknds real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye and he was born February16, 1990. He is a three time grammy winner, six time American music award winner, and an academy award winner. The Weeknd has eight albums including his newest album Dawn FM. Dawn FM was released January 7, 2022 and is a R&B and Pop album.           


The three best songs on this album are Less Than Zero, I Heard You’re Married, and Out of Time. Less Than Zero had the highest rating on this album with a 10/10. This song is getting a perfect rating because it’s a great ending song to the album and is very catchy and easy to listen to. Fellow WBN member Keenan Sanford’s favorite song off of Dawn FM is Sacrifice. Keenan has this to say about the album “I felt like the album was kind-of rushed so I’d give it a 7/10.”

Overall I give this album a 8/10.  I gave it a 8 because the good songs on this album are great and the rest are bad. This album only has two features and really shows The Weeknd’s flow and production. We never really see 80’s R&B albums anymore and I think The Weeknd has almost perfected it with this album.