Track and Field incoming!


GM Artman

First 200m race for Wilsonville of the season at home against Milwaukie.

Wilsonville’s track program is coming off a high from the half length track and field season from the previous school year as the team did some incredible things at the 5A state meet finishing 9th for the girls team and second place for the boys team. 


The team is always of large size and is known for being the program that wants to give every student athlete a chance to compete as Wilsonville hosts several NWOC home meets as well as the Wilsonville Invitational a popular Northwest Oregon invitational which already has 28 teams signed up scheduled to compete on April 16th of 2022.


If you are interested in joining the team, sign ups will open around February, exact date is to be determined. If there’s one thing guaranteed, you’ll know when sign ups are due. Wilsonville T&F goes crazy with the advertising! The team welcomes anyone who’s interested in joining, any fitness level, as long as you’re willing to show up to practice, have some fun and work hard the team will adore you. 


We encourage you to join the ever evolving track program and join us as the weather gets clearer and warmer for workouts and competition in the spring, hopefully free of COVID shutdown. We wish the best of luck this upcoming semester.