How our future college students prepared for application deadlines


Elizabeth Harris

Colleges that were popular with WVHS seniors this year. Some even got scholarships to play sports at their top choice.

Senior year is the year that students apply and decide where they are going to college. Typically the summer before senior year, students are touring college campuses and preparing for the beginning of the school year to start applying to college.

Senior Amaya Marin Osiris shared that her college applications were due in November and December because she did early action applications. Some colleges offer an early action process when applying to college. This enables you to hear back earlier than most to give you more time to make your college choice. 

Amaya also said that she “wrote my essays in September to have time for peer review for it”.  She believes that the essay is a vital part of a student’s application.  

When preparing to apply to college, senior Olivia Perry “hired a consultant to help me create Instagram profiles to get my name out for sports. I spent a lot of time on my application essay, and did community service that I was interested in.”

When looking at colleges, Olivia Perry suggests “finding a college that you love the location of, as well as the size of the school. If you visit the right college you will know when you’ve found the right one.”  

A lot goes into deciding on going to college and which college to attend. Be sure to start the process early, tour campuses, and find the one that fits you best.