WVHS Running class

Elizabeth Harris

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Elizabeth Harris

The walking and jogging class spends time on the track, running and jogging.

One of the newest physical education classes here at Wilsonville High school is the running class. Currently it is taught by Mr. Finck, who said that one of the best aspects of this class is that in this class you get to be outdoors, rain or shine. Another reason is that students are able to set the pace for what they want to accomplish. This benefits all students so that they can work toward the level that best helps them. 

Mr. Finck used the saying “movement is life” to describe why it is important to move our bodies and stay healthy. Some of the benefits of exercising can include the enhancement of your mood, better sleep, and an increased chance of living longer.

Nowadays more than ever we spend our time sitting for hours on end for school, work, and while we use media entertainment.

To help with the improvement of our lives a great way to get moving is taking the running class or a physical education class here at Wilsonville high school. If you already have your required P.E. requirement you could definitely take this class for fun or find many other ways to stay healthy.