The journey of finding a job as a student

Many Wilsonville High School students are out on a mission to find jobs for the new year. Whether it be in customer service, physical labor, or Doordashing the options seem endless. Although loads of companies advertise that they’re hiring, this isn’t always the case and getting response back can be rare. 

Baseball player Cole Hubka had been looking for a job for quite a while. He wants to find the right fit. The issue for him has been his busy schedule. “The hardest part is finding a place that’s flexible with my limited hours.” Hubka responded after being asked about the job search process. Ultimately he hopes to find a job in the sports department, nothing too demanding.

Another student looking for a job is senior Nick Cooper. “I’ve applied to Jamba, Crumbl, Mod Pizza, and Langdon Farms,” quoted Cooper. He’s not overly picky with where he gets hired, in the end he’s just looking for a part time job. For him the biggest struggle he’s encountered is the response time. He stated, “Waiting is the worst part.”

Regardless of what a students’ interests are, having a part time job in high school can be super beneficial at teaching students valuable life lessons that can’t be taught in a traditional classroom!