Album Review: SICK!


Cole Hubka

Senior Keenan Sanford listens to the album in class. He agrees with the author’s overall ranking.


SICK! Is Earl Sweatshirts fifth album and it incudes 10 tracks. SICK! Was released January 14,2022 and is a Hip-Hop and Jazz rap album. Earl is famous for his creative rap style and was in an old group called Odd Future which included the likes of Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean.




  1. Old Friend 6/10
  2. 2010 3/10
  3. Sick! 1/10
  4. Vision (feat. Zelooperz) 8/10
  5. Tabula Rasa (feat. Armand Hammer) 2/10
  6. Lye 4/10
  7. Lobby (int) 3/10
  8. God Laughs 1/10
  9. Titanic 9/10
  10. Fire in the Hole 8/10


The three best songs on this album are by far Titanic, Fire in the hole and Vision. All three songs have nice beats that I could play any time. They all have good flow and wording over the beat as well. Fellow WBN member Kennan had this to say bout the album,” Overall the album was okay. I was definitely expecting more from Earl but Titanic was by far the best song. Overall I give the album a 3.”

Overall I give this album a solid 4. I would have given it a much worse score but Titanic, Fire in the Hole, and Visions really save this album. I think that every single song had a really good beat but more than half had terrible rhythm and flow from Earl Sweatshirt. I also give this song a low rating because it only had 10 songs which is far too little for an album.