“Licorice Pizza” bewitches viewers with its release


Lily Arzie

Lily Arzie cues the new movie “Licorice Pizza.” Coming now to streaming services.

On November 26th, 2021, a new take on cinema released in US theaters. Licorice Pizza, a film filled with romance, questionable humor, and “feel good” elements dazzled its viewers, and took them back to the heart of the 70s.

The first scene introduces the audience to a typical 70s highschool wreaking of puberty and comical awkwardness, taken place in the San Fernando Valley.

The basis of the film follows the main character as he starts to question his confidence, until he finds the woman of his dreams, Alana Kane.

Cooper Hoffman, the male lead, took on his late fathers footsteps, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, to pursue acting. Licorice Pizza is his first on screen film.

Alana Haim, the female lead, isn’t exactly new to fame. She first showcased her talent as a member of the band, HAIM, and was founded by her alongside her sisters, Danielle and Este Haim.

In an interview with an anonymous audience member, they expressed their fondness of the film. “ I thought it was really well written, well acted, and engaging.” 

Although the film has received numerous Golden-Globe nominations including a musical or comedy motion picture, it has received severe criticism due to its plot being extremely upsetting.

As described by NBC news, a Tiktok account came to say that the movie suggested a 25 year old woman, (Alana Haim’s character) was grooming a 15 year old boy, (Cooper Hoffman). 

Not only this, but there was also a scene that portrayed a stereotypical, white, racist, misogynistic, man who mocked a traditional Asian accent in several points of the movie.

 The film may have included upsetting stereotypes, but it’s on point impression of the 70s made up for it. An audience member declared it deserved an “8/10”.

In conclusion, the film surprised most critics with its playful dialogue and plot twists, and beautifully released a coming of age romance.