End of semester: arts program

With the opportunity to be involved in our arts program, students have participated and gain much experience within their chosen art form.


Elizabeth Harris

This piece is a reflection on some of the accomplishments of our art program. All of the programs had a very productive semester!

Band, Orchestra, and Choir:

The music program here at Wilsonville High School had a very successful first quarter, with three main concerts followed by their combined winter concert.

The band, orchestra, and choir all had a fun time at the Canby Grove for their annual retreat.

The band has had the opportunity to perform at football games, the seniors from both band and choir performed for senior night, and the band and orchestra performed in the musical “Once Upon a Mattress.”

Soul’d Out, our competitive acapella group, is heading into competition season. So far they know they will be attending the Rose City sing-off and the ICHSA virtual competition.

Some of the band members are performing at basketball games for this season playing many crowd favorites.


Photography teacher; Brooke Lords demonstrating their latest significant project. Making a Doppelganger of themselves representing something they enjoy, for Ms.Lords, this was Star Wars.

With the recent incorporation of Photography as one of Wilsonvilles’ many electives, the new teacher, Brooke Lords, has been busy making it a class worth a while.

While speaking with Lords, she described a project they worked on this semester: photo animation. Making a small toy or figure into the perspective of a life-size person/character through taking a picture.

Ms. Lords mentioned her enjoyment with being able to work with young adults, and helping them develop their love for different forms of art.

She hopes to continue this with the upcoming semester. An adjustment shed like to make is letting students be more involved in the creation of their projects.