Is school going to close down?


Elizabeth Harris

The front entrance of Wilsonville High School. During quarantine, students had almost forgotten what it was like to be in person.

Recently talk about the school going back online has been brought up. With COVID cases rising, some local area schools have been transitioning back to online learning for a short period of time. 

Within the last few weeks the guidelines for quarantining, once you have tested positive, have changed. Most recently it was 10 days however, now it is a total of five. 

Many students believe that going back to online school for a short period of time could be beneficial. Junior Kaidence Smith shares her thoughts on school-going online, “I think as much as it would suck, maybe just go into online for a bit so all the cases can go down a little bit. It is getting pretty intense and there are a lot of kids that are getting it.”

When thinking about Wilsonville High School going online, junior Faith Hensley said, “I think the whole online school thing was probably a really smart idea but I think it’s a little bit too late now. We had our chance [to shut down] and Mrs. Schmidt did not take it.”

Kaidence also agrees that the school should move online. “A lot of kids are just coming to school even if they have it.” Moving online will help all cases decrease and keep kids safer. 

Although some students think going online for school would have been a good idea, since we are nearing the end of semester one the possibility isn’t likely.