Album Review: DS4ever


A Wilsonville student listening to a song on DS4ever. The student agrees with the writers rating.


Gunna’s newest album, DS4ever, is his seventh album. This album released 1/7/22. It has features from 21 Savage, Young Thug, Future,  Drake, Kodak Black,  Chloe, Lil Baby, G Herbo, Nechie, Yung Bleu, Chris Brown, and  Roddy Ricch. 




  1. Private Island 3/10
  2. Pushin P (feat. Young Thug) 10/10
  3. P******  Gown 6/10
  4. Mop (feat. Young Thug) 9/10
  5. Thought I Was Playing 8/10
  6. How You Did That (feat. Kodak Black) 5/10
  7. Alotta Cake 3/10
  8. Livin Wild 2/10
  9. You & Me 3/10
  10. South to West 7/10
  11. 25k Jacket (feat. Lil Baby) 8/10
  12. Too Easy 9/10
  13. IDK that b**** (feat. G Herbo) 7/10
  14. Flooded 3/10
  15. Life of Sin (feat. Nechie) 1/10
  16. Die alone (feat. Yung Bleu) 3/10
  17. Missing Me 2/10
  18. So Far Ahead > Empire 3/10
  19. Too East (Remix) [feat. Future & Roddy Ricch] 7/10
  20. P Power (feat. Drake) 9/10


The three best songs on this album are P Power, Pushin P, and Too Easy. P Power has Drake for a feature on it and adding him into this song gives it the 9/10 rating. Pushin P has tons of hype around it and has taken the world by storm over the new saying P. The hype helps the song with the 10/10 rating. Too Easy is a very good song that was released a couple months ago and it is still in some playlists after all this time which is why I give it a 9/10. Fellow WBN member Mason Seal had this to say about DS4ever,” I think the album has very good songs or very bad songs. I give this album a 5/10.” 

Overall I give this album a 4/10. I mostly agree with Mason’s take that this album either has very good songs or very bad songs. This album had too many features in my opinion and Gunna got carried on the songs with big features.